Services Offered

Self Publishing Consultation

If you have a question as it relates to the self-publishing process, print on demand setup and maintenance, etc, we will do our best to answer your questions, or point you in the right direction.

Writing: Coaching, Consultation & Services

We can ghostwrite your Inspirational Book, or Devotional. We also write full length and short Stageplays and Screenplays. If you endeavor to write it on your own but need a little guidance, we do that too; coaching and consultation available.

Editing and Proofreading

We partner with experienced Editors and Proofreaders. We can take care of all your manuscript’s developmental/content/copy/structural editing needs. With us, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Book Cover Design

We can design your book cover for you. Each book cover is professionally designed by talented, and experienced Graphic Designers who will keep at it until it is perfect. Book covers are subjected to your approval with unlimited revisions.

Interior Book Formatting

Whether you already have an idea of how you want the interior of your book to look, or you want us to design it for you, we will get it just right. We will exceed your expectations every time. We format for print, and kindle (epub, mobi, apple).

Print On Demand Assistance

We are very familiar with the print on demand platforms. We can help you set up your account with kdp or ingramspark. We also have experience with Lulu, Smashwords, and Google Books. We can also help you upload the final documents.


Identity: Restored Revealed Initiate: Discipleship Bible Study Manual for Christians

~~~This book places the New Christian on a path to discovering the commitments to the fundamentals of Christianity. It's precise and easily followed with insights that are also easy to conclude. It doesn't move into the depths of Christian thought and keeps it simply and logically pure. ~~~Amazon Reviewer

The Soul of Man: Traversing the Mystery of Man As A Living Soul

This book, by no means, seeks to present arguments from a position of authority and know-it-all. It is written to help initiate a conversation on a vital and essential aspect of a man’s being: the soul.

Intentional Comeback: Insights to Rebounding, Recovering, and Redeeming

 Baron Hopgood has survived the worst season of his life with a victory report to tell. This book chronicles his story from setbacks to comeback, and is guaranteed to inspire anyone going through a season of storms. The message is simple and profound: there is nothing you can experience in this life that you can't make a Comeback from. Your story is not over, and one day it will be told.

Finding Financial Independence (Life With The Stevens)

"Finding Financial Independence (Life With The Stevens Book 1) is such a good read.
I was so buried in the book that I simply could not put it down. Indeed, this book is a wonderful source of education, information, and motivation of how to work for your money and then to let your money work for you through passive income. This is a must read that should be in everyone's home library. Thank you Errol Stevens! Cheers!" - Amazon Reviewer

The Power of the Altar: Rebuilding the Altars in Our Churches

The altars in our churches have to some extent gotten cold and the fire has gone out, but Christ’s desire is for us to experience His manifestation in all areas of our lives. Hence, I am calling each person, each church who will read this book to reignite their righteous altars and allow these altars to speak. Christ will meet you as your deliverer, healer, provider, and defender.






























First time Authors are Welcome!

If you want to self publish your book, we can provide the services you need to take your finished manuscript to publish-ready files. We can also help you open your print on demand publishing account, and upload the final documents. Any questions you have during the process will be answered.

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