Imagine Your Stageplay Published Worldwide & You Keep All Rights and Royalties!

It has taken months to establish this, but we are finally here …

Your stageplay will be published – and you will keep all the rights and royalties you deserve – guaranteed.

Over the years, many of you have asked what to do next with a play you have written. I gave the best advice I could, based on my own experience, but realized a huge need for more.

Far too many great works end up covered in dust without ever being read or performed.

It gives me great pleasure to announce thatthe Heart of a Christian Playwright –in collaboration with HCP Book Publishing – are now ‘guaranteeing’ to publishyour stageplay.

And, we’re also guaranteeing vast exposure to a worldwide audience of potential buyers.

So, if you have written a play at any point in your life, whether in high school or just casually for a production at church, this is your opportunity to take your work to the next level – the published level.

If you decide to have your play published by us – you immediately gain:

A Global Marketing and Distribution Network

Your play will be listed on for sale, exposing your play to the thousands of visitors we get each month with a link to the Amazon page for easy purchase.

This enables your play to be performed over, and over again worldwide – while you benefit from all sales and all the author plaudits for your work.

A Professionally Designed Book Cover

A noticeable, appealing cover to attract customers– by the best in the field of graphic designing.

Your Own ‘Print on Demand’ Publishing Account

Full control over your published manuscript.You maintain all the rights to your play, so we help you set up your publishing account to receive all royalties from sales.

(Your stageplay will be widely available for purchase on

Expert Interior Formatting

Your manuscript will be formatted to meet all industry standardsfor how the interior of your book needs to look.

A Professional Editor

We guarantee perfection. Your manuscript (regardless of its condition) is handled by our professional editor (with over two decades experience in the field) who ensures it is word perfect for publication.

Countless Genres Accepted

We accept plays for Christmas, Easter, Black History, Mother’s and Father’s Day, End Times, Musicals, Evangelical, and General.

You have been asking, and now we have responded.

Order your script published today for

your special introductory price of just $329.99

and finally get your play in front of a worldwide audience.

This is a special offer from us to you. The usual price is $599 so act fast for a huge saving.

And don’t forget – You keep all rights and all profit from worldwide sales of your published play.

All we need from you is your manuscript (14 pages or more), and our expert publishing team will get to work for you.

Your stage play

will be published within 3-4 weeks

100% Money Back Guarantee when you order with PayPal. PayPal guarantees that if you have any issues with the seller, you have up to 90 days after purchase to contact them at 1 (402) 935-2050 to request a full refund.

Send your manuscript to, and we will send your contract to sign and get started.

Thank you for continuing to support the Heart of a Christian Playwright. We continue to supply Christian play scripts to churches, theatres and groups all over the world, and God continues to enlarge our borders.

Recently Published


“For the virgin shall be with child and shall bring forth a Son…and His name shall be called Jesus…”



The play begins with God paying a personal visit to His prophet Hosea, who has begun to preach without compassion and love for sinners. It’s not a very comfortable confrontation, but it ends with Hosea feeling a bit hopeful because God has decided to provide for him a wife.



This play will remind us of a fourth cross not visible to the human eye, which can only be seen through the eyes of faith. This fourth cross was within Jesus, and we were on it. For Paul says, “We died with Him, so we can live with Him.” Through the cross, God restored His relationship to man that was lost in the Garden of Eden.


Amazing Love

Mary Walters is a young single Christian woman caught up in an adulterous affair with a married man. She is experiencing high levels of guilt and condemnation. Like so many of us, she has yet to grasp the true significance of the cross.


Like A Thief In The Night

I have written a few plays based on the Rapture but mostly from the same point of view. Someone always witnesses the disappearance of a loved one. From that perspective, it would be hard to continue doubting the Bible…but what about those who do not witness the actual disappearance?


The Lords Table

This story takes the Easter Story of Christ’s death and puts it in a contemporary setting to bring about a major change in the life of our main character, Michael.


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