What is the role of a Publisher, now that I have written my book?

Every new author has the same questions and concerns about the publishing process. We have done a brief outline of the process below. Hopefully it is helpful in gaining an understanding as it relates to the process you and the service provider are about to embark on.

a. Send Complete Manuscript to HCP Book Publishing for Review and Quote. See contact information at the bottom of the page.

Two very vital information is needed before we can give a quote:

1. Word count of the manuscript

2. Sample of Writing (This helps us determine the level of editing needed)

b. Sign Contract and Return with 50% Deposit to get the process started

The contract is optional, but if you need one, we can prepare this within 24 hours of giving a quote and send to you with a paypal invoice for 50% deposit on the project to get started.

c. Fill Out book info form with details needed for publishing and book cover design. At this step, client will sign up for a print on demand account as per instructions on the book form.

The info provided on this form will be needed throughout the process. Ensure that all the fields are filled out. You can ask questions, if you need clarity on anything.

d. The first edit of the manuscript begins

Manuscript is preformatted, so it is clean, consistent and workable. It is then sent to the first Editor.

e. Book cover design mock-ups will be done (1-3 samples, depending on what is needed and how clear the client is with describing what is needed)

Graphic designer will work on designing 1-3 samples of the cover, depending on the cover idea from the client.

f. Edited manuscript is sent to client for thorough review. This is the final stage to make amendments to the manuscript.

Once the first Editor is finished with the manuscript, and second edit is done, the manuscript is then sent to the client for thorough review, with notes.

g. Steps d and f can be repeated several times, depending on the state of the manuscript, particularly if developmental editing is needed.

This step is optional, depending on the work needed on the manuscript. We cannot overemphasize though that this is the key stage in the process that requires the most time and the greatest effort in trying to identify any errors in the manuscript. This is a joint effort between the Service Provider, the Editor and the Writer/Author of the book.

h. Manuscript is then proofread as a final attempt to catch any remaining grammatical or spelling errors errors.

This is the final step before manuscript is sent to be formatted.

i. Book cover is finalized and 3D mock ups done for promotions.

Book Cover Design is finalized based on detailed feedback from the client.

j. Manuscript is formatted for paperback publishing. If there are any editorial changes at this stage, it will come at a cost.

Formatting is the last step prior to publishing. At this stage, if editorial changes are requested, it will come at a cost.

k. Formatted manuscript sent to client for review or possible formatting changes.

Formatted manuscript is sent to the client for review. At this step, client should review the look and structure of the layout (i.e. fonts, colors, spacing, consistency, etc), request layout changes, if any, approve draft for publishing.

l. Updated format is sent to client for approval.

If formatting changes were requested, the updated format is sent to client for approval.

m. Ebook conversion is done.

The kindle version of the manuscript is done at this stage. Kindle files cannot be edited, so this can only be done after the formatted manuscript is approved.

Editorial changes at this stage will attrack significant charges.

n. Final documents are uploaded to print on demand platform for publishing. This is the final step in the publishing process.

The final files are uploaded to a print on demand platform. 

o. Once documents are uploaded, client awaits approval from the print on demand platform. An email will be sent on approval.

There is a waiting period for the book to be approved. Once approved, it shows up on amazon within a few days and is ready for purchasing.

NB. Any editorial changes after book is published will be very costly, so client need to ensure book is thoroughly reviewed at stage f.

It is not easy making editorial amendments to a manuscript once it has been formatted and the kindle conversion done. What it means is that the final files will have to go through the entire process again, and the kindle conversion redone. This is very costly for the service provider, and these costs will be passed on to the client. It is best to avoid this by taking as much time as is needed during the editing process.

p. Once the final upload is approved, client can login to the print on demand platform, and order author copies of their books. These are printed in the United States of America and shipped to the address given.

The project is now complete. The client will manage his/her print on demand account where sales and royalties can be tracked, as well as ordering printed copies (no limit on the amount — unit cost always remain the same).