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There’s at least one book in every human being.

There’s at least one person who needs to hear your story.

You have an idea, it could be based on a dream or a vision, or your own personal journey in life. Consider the impact your story could have on someone who is seeking the answer that you have. Imagine giving hope to another who may be going through something you have found a way to overcome. Why deny the world the hope they need from hearing your story being told?

We can take your idea and make it into a marketable product.

We have helped others to tell their story whether as a play, movie or as a book. Let us do the same for you.

Sample books based on real life experiences and testimonies:

We have taken many ideas from new authors, and put a published book in their hand. The only question is, are you willing to make the investment. We believe in quality, and we believe in excellence, so we utilize some of the best graphic artist, editors, writers and book formatters to ensure that your Book, Stageplay or Screenplay is top quality.

Do you believe wholeheartedly in the story you wish to tell?

I once had an experience that I want to share with you. After spending hundreds of dollars to publish one of my own books in English and Spanish, I received an email from one person who bought the book. My book helped him to see that his situation was not hopeless, and that he could overcome. I realized, in that moment, that it was all worth the investment.

Who is waiting to hear your story?

If you decide to work with us, you immediately gain:

A Professional Writer/Ghostwriter

We will take your idea, and create something magical: whether the next great Stageplay, Movie Script or Book; we guarantee quality and inspiring exposition.

If you decide to go even further and publish your book with us, you immediately gain:

A Professional Editor

We guarantee perfection. Your manuscript (regardless of its condition) is handled by our professional editor (with over two decades experience in the field) who ensures it is word perfect for publication.

A Professionally Designed Book Cover

A noticeable, appealing cover to attract customers- by the best in the field of graphic designing.

Your Own ‘Print on Demand’ Publishing Account

Full control over your published manuscript.You maintain all the rights to your play, so we help you set up your publishing account to receive all royalties from sales.
(Your Book or Stageplay will be widely available for purchase on amazon.com)

Expert Interior Formatting

Your manuscript will be formatted to meet all industry standards for how the interior of your book needs to look.

We accept PayPal payments.

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