For several months after I returned from mission trip to Freetown Sierra
Leone in 2014 (just before the Ebola epidemics) the burden of my
unpublished material laying fallow in my computer became unbearable. It was
not that I did not want to get them published but because it was difficult
to find someone who truly understand the need those book have been created
to address. I am a youth pastor and founder of Youth Arise Global Outreach
mission; my interactions with the youths through our conventions and
seminars literally gave birth to these life changing books. When I
completed the first book “The IGNORAMUS-Understanding the Silent Killer
Diseases”, I contacted few publishers who literally charged me “one arm and
one leg.” Because it is a project so dear to my heart, I archive it and
move along in faith to the next project believing that God will take care
of the publishing. In July 2014; the good Lord brought “my brother”
Cleveland McLeish to rescue those projects. I call him my brother from
another mother because that is exactly who he is. I have not worked with
someone so passionate about quality, kind and understanding who careless
about how much I will pay him. Above all, he is a man of integrity. I hate
to say this; I wish I have all the contacts and connections in the world to
help introduce this great man to his world. Today, my books “WHEN DREAM
helping young and adult retraces their part to their dream! I love you
brother and I pray for great grace upon your family.